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Caprio Cellars

We LOVE Walla Walla, Washington and our time at Caprio Cellars may have been the most pleasant surprise of our whole trip.

What a gem! Caprio is an amazing spot for the whole fam.

The Tots Crew, including Tots Grandma and Tots Grandpa, had another amazing weekend in our happy place - Walla Walla, Washington. This trip, we had a couple wineries that we knew we would be revisiting (Castillo de Feliciana, Doubleback, and The Walls) but there are so many amazing options to choose from in this wine haven that we had our fair share of new spots on the list to discover.

The Tots Crew had been following Caprio Cellars on Instagram for sometime prior to our visit. Based on the stunning photos and fun-loving vibe that they conveyed through their social media, we decided that this would be one of the new spots to visit. We booked our reservation online and elected to add-on the small plates to accompany our tasting. The pairing specifics or prices are not listed on the website...but more on that later.

Upon arriving at Caprio, we were greeted with flutes of bubbles (truly the BEST way to be greeted) by the lovely Tess who took care of us during our stay. Tess was an absolute joy and extremely kind, knowledgeable, and laid-back. She was our kind of people and only added to this wonderful experience.

It was a beautiful mid-80s degree kind of day so we chose to sit outside at one of their many firepits surrounded by Adirondack chairs. There was room for all of us to spread out and for the "Tots Grandma" bag (full of toys to keep the tots occupied) to make its grand appearance. Similarly, there was plenty of green space and room for a picnic blanket if you so choose. Once we were seated, Tess had us taste their 2018 and 2019 Eleanor Estate Red Wines side by side. The pours were generous and when offered, we elected to revisit both of these labels (duh). They were vastly different from one another but both very enjoyable.

And then, the "small plate" pairings arrived which had been lovingly crafted by Caprio's on-site chef, Ian Williams. WOW, what a treat! We had to-die-for meatballs with French bread, an heirloom tomato salad, and a superbly cooked eggplant dish. All paired exquisitely with the wine and were enjoyed by our entire group - tots included!

The architecture and interior of the tasting room at Caprio Cellars was absolutely stunning. Had the weather not been so perfect, I'm sure we would have certainly enjoyed our time sitting inside as well. There is a wide array of seating options with plenty of comfortable couches and coffee tables to table-top tot activities. They also had a couple TVs so you could even watch football while enjoying this amazing space. We would love to come back to Caprio to catch some sunsets here. With their 360-degree views, I can only begin to imagine how breathtaking they truly are.

Every tasting room associate that we encountered at Caprio was so kind and welcoming. They even gave our tot a fun little activity pack to play with around the firepit to help keep her occupied a little bit longer. It's the little things that makes such an impact! Speaking of...

Another fun little surprise at Caprio that our group particularly enjoyed was the "bathroom candy." Yes, you heard that right. The women's restroom had a generous bowl of Lindor truffles and the men's had Reese's Pieces and Oreo's. (And yes, don't worry because there was soap and hand sanitizer galore so we had no problem partaking.) But the real question is, "why doesn't every bathroom on the planet have bathroom candy?" I might just flat out refuse to use any restroom from here on out that doesn't offer some sort of nicety or souvenir.

The Tots Crew had finished our delicious food pairings (and thanked the chef when he strolled by) but we were no where near ready to leave this beautiful estate. Honestly, we could have stayed here all day. We elected to share a bottle of 2018 Eleanor and enjoy our time just a bit longer. Tess made it very clear that there was absolutely no rush. And happened. Tess shared with us that the delicious tastings that we had so enjoyed, along with the incredible and generously-sized food pairings, were provided to visitors of Caprio completely free of charge. (hashtag mic-drop) Let me repeat - Free. Gratis. Without Cost. She explained that the essence of Caprio Cellars was deeply rooted in family tradition and in providing the utmost hospitality to all guests at the estate. What an amazing sentiment. Well, we already felt like family during our time here but this gesture truly blew us away. We each bought a couple bottles of wine to bring home with us (and visited the restrooms for one more piece of bathroom candy for the road.)

Thank you Caprio Cellars! What a magical experience - See you again in 2022!

What to expect when you visit:

  • STUNNING property with amazing views

  • Incredible hospitality. No really, it was out of this world.

  • Small bites prepared onsite are paired with your tasting flight...yum!

  • Ample indoor and outdoor seating with shade options. Adirondack seating around the outdoor firepits - how cool is that?!

  • Tons of green space for the kids to spread out

  • Newer winery but they are producing some really sensational wine - this is one to watch for sure!

  • Bring activities for the kiddos, and there's plenty of room for a picnic blanket for the tots if you choose to sit outside

  • Their outdoor area is dog-friendly. WOOF!

  • No high chairs or changing tables so come prepared with a back-up plan (but the bathroom candy makes up for this)

More Info:

Open Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm. Book your reservation online.

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Address: 1603 Whiteley Rd, Walla Walla, WA 99362

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