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Cubanisimo Vineyards

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Great wine + Awesome Hospitality + Tot-Friendly Venue = One Heck of a Good Time

If you and your tots hate fun, then don't come here :)

This is one of our favorite wineries of all-time (and most definitely our favorite winery owned by a bad-ass Cuban neurosurgeon and equally awesome wifey!) The vibe at Cubanisimo is all about fun. This place always has a killer event line-up so do yourself a favor and check their Instagram and website often because #FOMO is real, folks. We're talking live music with salsa dancing and comedy nights, with some of the area's best food trucks. Mark your calendar and prepare for a fun time out of the house - even the tots will have a blast!

If you are new to the wine game, this is an excellent venue to visit to begin bolstering your wine knowledge. There's nothing stuffy about Cubanisimo. The staff are all fabulous - sweet as can be, fun-loving, and they know their stuff. They are always happy to answer any questions or tell you more about the specifics of the wine. In our humble, yet very professional opinions, Cubanisimo boasts some of the best pinot noir and pinot gris in the Willamette Valley. For lovers of bolder flavors like us, these wines pack a punch unlike many of the region's more delicate pinots (no judgement - we just like our wines a bit more sassy!)

The venue itself is great for families. The tasting room is very approachable. They have an excellent outdoor space with plenty of seating, complete with a paved plaza for dancing. There's green space if you choose to bring a blanket and have a family picnic. Take a stroll amongst the vines and soak in the gorgeous views.

What to expect when you visit:

  • Laid-back vibe with super-friendly staff...and they love tots, too!

  • Truly delicious wine (Pro-tip: Their Reserve Pinot Noir is to die for. Join the wine club and get 50% off bottles enjoyed on-site and during events as well as invites to their annual Halloween costume party bash...Tots Mom is out to defend her title for "Sexiest Costume." LOL)

  • Indoor seating & outdoor seating with shade options

  • Bring table top activities for the tots or a picnic blanket and some toys

  • Very approachable owners who have a genuine interest in getting to know their people. Mauricio and Debra and just great people all-around so make sure to say hello if they are in the tasting room when they are!

  • Food truck food options during special events. On regular days, outside food is encouraged.

  • No changing table or high chairs so just plan ahead with a back-up plan

More Info:

Open Daily from 11:00AM - 5:00PM

(check website ahead of time in case there's a private event)

Address: 1754 Best Rd NW, Salem Oregon 97304

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