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Dominio IV Winery

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Carlton, OR is an Oregon wine epicenter. Yet even with so many options, the Tots Crew has a hard time resisting this amazing spot!

Incredible wine with the Tots in a historic barn? 100% yes!

Let's face it, there's no shortage of winery options here in Oregon. In fact, we are pretty darn spoiled around these parts. You could visit a different winery every single day and it would take you nearly three years to hit them all. As fun as that sounds (and it really does!), there are some places that you stumble upon on a whim and the vibe is just so perfect that you keep coming back for more. That is exactly how the Tots Crew feels about Dominio IV. Haven't been before? Well, my friends, you are in for a treat!

Tots Mom and Tots Dad first came to Dominio IV on a "day date" without any Tots with them (woah, like how often does that even happen?!) We had heard rumors that Dominio IV produced Tempranillo, which in Pinot-country, is kind of a rarity. We reached out to the winery to make a reservation and the magnificent Stephen got us all situated. He asked if we wanted to sit in the barn and we naively answered, "Yeah, that sounds cool." Spoiler alert - Cool doesn't even begin to describe it.

Since then, we have been to Dominio IV a multitude of times, with all our Tots and sometimes with Tots Grandma and Grandpa, too! Each and every time, we are 'wowed' by the tremendous hospitality that we experience here. It's an absolutely beautiful place with absolutely beautiful wine. Our crazy Tots Crew is always welcomed with open arms and made to feel comfortable and right at home. We usually bring a picnic and a wide array of tabletop activities to keep the tots occupied. No one gives us any weird looks when we bring the kids along and the Dominio IV staff keep telling us to come on back again (so we do!)

I don't think we have ever been to a winery with quite so many seating options as Dominio IV. You can sit inside the historic farmhouse or outside on the wrap-around porch. They have a gorgeous covered patio area (see photo above) as well as picnic tables on the lawn. If you're not into sitting, the grounds are gorgeous and you can stroll about with your glass in hand. Depending upon the season, they also have special tasting options in the cherry orchard or in the hazelnut grove. BUT, if you're anything like us, you'll find their amazing historic barn to be your favorite spot to sip and chill.

The barn is fantastic, especially if you have some tots with you or a larger group. When we have guests or out-of-towners visiting, this is where we often take them as we know the experience will simply be awesome. The seating is super cozy and the incredible staff will bring the wine right to your table (no need to walk back and forth from the tasting bar.) Speaking of the staff, they are some of the most genuinely kind people around and are super knowledgeable about the wine that they are serving. We have had Stephen, Faith, and Noah as our wine guides during our visits and they are all fabulous. Something else really cool about the barn is the quality tune selection that always seemed to be playing overhead. I'm talking 'Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke' caliber great. I don't know who picks the music but I think he or she might just be my soulmate. Just sayin'.

But the wine, you guys, is truly out of this world! Dominio IV boasts some amazing variety and I don't think we have tried a wine there yet that we didn't like. And we have tried a lot of wine! Their Pinot Noirs, Syrahs, Tempranillos, and White varietals are all tremendous. Oh, and don't even get me started on their Sparking Wines. *drool-worthy*

If you visit and find that you enjoy the wines as much as we do, The Dominio IV wine club is pretty great. They have these awesome quarterly wine release parties (all our photos here are from the September pick-up party) and offer some wonderful perks and discounts on their wines. Definitely be sure to try the wines from their Imagination Series. Winemaker Patrick Reuter creates paintings to illustrate the tasting notes of each wine. This is a technique called "shape testing." Patrick's works of art are then transferred onto the wine bottle labels themselves. So cool.

In summary, we love it at Dominio IV. With the quality of wine that they are producing and the absolutely gorgeous property that they run, they easily could let all that awesome-ness go to their heads. But instead, that is simply not the case. The staff are humble, endlessly kind, and just really, really cool people. And best of all, they think the Tots Crew is pretty alright, too. See you guys again soon!

What to expect when you visit:

  • Prepare to be awe-struck by pretty much everything here

  • TONS of indoor and outdoor seating really can't make a bad decision!

  • Sensational wines with tons of variety

  • Green space for frolicking (supervised, of course!)

  • Bring table top activities for the kiddos, or there's room for picnic blankets if you choose to sit outside

  • Their outdoor area is dog-friendly. WOOF!

  • Picnics are encouraged

  • No changing table or high chairs so come prepared with a back-up plan

  • Pro-tip - Dominio IV is just down the road from our other fave, Crowing Hen Beer Farm. Two birds, one stone? (Hint: The answer is YES!)

Video below for a glimpse at how the Tots Crew really rolls.

More Info:

Open Daily from 11am - 5pm (call or book online for a reservation)

Address: 11570 NE Intervale Rd, Carlton, OR 97111

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