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Keeler Estate Vineyard

Located just outside of downtown Amity, OR, Keeler Estate Vineyard is an absolute delight with gorgeous grounds and picturesque views.

A Tots Crew Favorite! Keeler Estate Vineyard charms us every single time.

In varying capacities, the Tots Crew has probably visited Keeler Estate Vineyard on ten different occasions. We have visited with all our tots, with none of our tots, with the Tots Grandparents, and with a whole swath of family members visiting from out of town. Every single time, without question, we have had a total blast at this winery. Why, you ask? Well...a few specific reasons come to mind.

First of all, it is a beyond stunning property and there's just no denying that - the photos truly do not do it justice. And what you don't see pictured is the beautiful pond onsite, meandering trails and bridges, observation deck, and plentiful wildlife. It is heaven, 100%. Secondly, the wine is on point. It's hard to find a winery where I truly enjoy every single pour, from a crisp Riesling to bold Pinot Noirs to a whole lot of fun in between. Keeler knows what they are doing and they aren't afraid to take risks and make some really fun and funky blends, too. It's an all biodynamic winery so that's also pretty dang cool. Third, and certainly not least, is the people. The Keeler Family are some of the kindest folks we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Craig and Gabriele are the owners and you will frequently see them in the tasting room mingling amongst the guests. Their daughter, Beatrice, manages the tasting room and is so kind and incredibly knowledgeable. The welcoming and relaxing vibe at Keeler really takes the experience to the next level.

Keeler is located in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. The tasting menu at Keeler changes about every month and features some of the most diverse offerings out there. Keeler is anything but boring - they run the full gamut of riesling, chardonnay, pinot gris, sparkling, Pét-Nat, pinot noir, and some really interesting blends. There is always a fun story to go along with each wine too so don't be shy and be sure to ask one of the Keeler crew to elaborate and share their insights with you!

There are a lot of fun seating options at Keeler. Their tasting room is very pretty but slightly on the small side so we have always opted to enjoy their outdoor spaces. They have a lovely deck just off of the tasting room that overlooks the expansive grove of Aspen trees with colorful Adirondack chairs sprinkled about the grounds. We love this space, especially if you bring a picnic with you. Its such a serene setting with plenty of grassy space for your tots or canine companions to enjoy. Depending on the season, they also have a heated outdoor tasting tent that is appointed with cozy seating and a warm fire pit. We could honestly spend all day out here. You can also be as mobile as you like and meander the property with your glass and take in the beautiful grounds.

Keeler is such an easy place to enjoy with your tots in tow. I really can't say enough wonderful things about it. And no matter what direction you're coming from, it's an absolutely beautiful drive through wine country. Amity is such a sweet little town too so be sure to check out the lunch options there and just make a day out of your adventure. If the Blue Raeven Farmstand is open, we highly suggest you stop by. Their pie is sensational...maybe next time we will buy some pie and enjoy it out at Keeler. Wow, that just might be the best idea I've ever had in my whole entire life.

Be sure to follow Keeler on social media as they do some really fun events at the vineyard that you won't want to miss. All in all, Keeler is a fantastic place with equally fantastic people and wine. Add this one to your list and visit them soon. The fall colors out there right now are particularly stunning.

Thanks Keeler, as always, for the wonderful hospitality and experience!

What to expect when you visit:

  • Amazing aspen tree grove to enjoy your wine tasting - or take a walk around the grounds with your wine in hand

  • Great seating options on the tasting room deck and outdoor tasting tent (seasonal)

  • Outside food and picnics are highly encouraged!

  • Scenic views that look like they belong in a painting

  • Fantastic hospitality

  • Tons of green space for the kids to spread out and frolic about

  • Bring activities for the kiddos, and there's plenty of room for a picnic blanket for the tots if you choose to sit outside

  • Their outdoor area is dog-friendly. WOOF!

  • No high chairs or changing tables so come prepared with a back-up plan

More Info:

Open Thursday - Sunday 11am - 5pm. Closed Monday - Wednesday

Address: 5100 SE Rice Lane Amity, OR 97101

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