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Raptor Ridge Winery

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The Tots Crew never turns down an invite for a good time!

Beautiful vistas, non-alcoholic flights for kids/anyone, and wildlife viewing - oh my!

You guys...we had the best time over at Raptor Ridge Winery, just north of Newberg along the 219. First of all, the drive there from Keizer was just beautiful & beyond picturesque, but we truly had no idea how big of a treat we were in for upon our arrival.

We were greeted by the lovely and super knowledgeable, Chelsea, right when we walked in the door - she even handed us glasses of "welcome bubbles" which were delightfully delicious! We had a beautiful table on the back patio, overlooking the vines, rolling vineyard hills, and the majestic Mt. Hood in the distance. One of the coolest things about this spot is the wildlife bird viewing! So much fun for the kiddos. Eagles, hawks, raptors (just not the Veloci-raptor kind) galore! These birds of prey actually help the vineyard deal with unwanted pests and rodents that can wreak havoc on the vines - so its a true win-win.

Tots Grandma joined us on this adventure because Tots Grandpa was away on a fishing trip. We are sure glad she did because now we attest that this awesome venue is both Tots- and Grandma-approved! Tots Dad and Tots Grandma enjoyed their tasting flights immensely while Tots Mom and the actual Tot imbibed on the non-alcoholic tasting flights - a feature that really sets Raptor Ridge apart from the rest. These weren't your average, run-of-the-mill juices either. Each is handcrafted using Honeybee Lemonade Syrups, which are locally made and yummy to the millionth degree. Each drink on the flight was super refreshing and made Tots Mom (who if you ask, will tell you she's approximately 17-months pregnant) feel just plain fancy and awesome. We love that Raptor Ridge goes out of their way to provide fun beverage options to those who cannot, or choose not, to partake in alcohol. #MajorBonusPoints!

When you call Raptor Ridge or make your reservation online for your visit, you can choose from indoor, patio, or picnic table seating near the vines. We love the variety of seating options, depending upon the size and preferences of your group. All are wonderful, have killer views, and provide a slightly different tasting experience. Chelsea, and all of her tasting room colleagues, are such wonderful hosts and really take the time to tell you all about the wine, the process, and the different AVAs from which Raptor Ridge sources. On a hot, hot day, even their boldest of reds (the Tempranillo, in our opinion) was super refreshing and not too heavy to be enjoyed in the summer heat.

Do you want to know what else we really think is cool? When you're at a winery, on the weekend nonetheless, and the winery proprietor/owner is there and takes the time to sit down at your table to get to know you. We had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Annie Shull and she was an absolute delight. She told us all about the history of the winery and the awesome event calendar at Raptor Ridge as she had just finished up Yoga in the Vineyard that morning (check it all out on their website!) Annie and Tots Mom have a couple fun collaborative projects up their sleeves so stay tuned for more on all of that.

Thank you, Raptor Ridge, for the amazing hospitality! We will be back...soon!

What to expect when you visit:

  • Please call/email ahead for a reservation so that staff can be prepared for your arrival

  • Delicious wine, stunning views, and some of the sweetest people around

  • A non-alcoholic tasting flight that is *almost* as good as their daily wine flight :)

  • Bring table activities to occupy the Tots - Raptor Ridge is quaint & on a slope. All green space is used for what it should be...growing grapes! (but there's a great lavender farm just up the road if your tots need more space to roam)

  • Indoor seating & outdoor seating with shade options

  • Dog-friendly, too!

  • No outside food please, but they have wonderful picnic boxes made on site that are super tasty, shareable, and tot-approved

  • No changing table or high chairs so just plan ahead with a back-up plan

More Info:

Open Daily by reservation starting at 10:30am

Address: 18700 SW Hillsboro Hwy Newberg, OR 97123

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