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JosephJane Winery

A super sweet, tot-friendly winery in the heart of Umpqua Valley wine country in Roseburg, OR.

A must-visit spot if you like nice people, yummy pizza, and tasty wine!

Tots Dad surprised Tots Mom for her (undisclosed number) birthday with a trip to Umpqua Valley for all the wine tasting her little heart desired. On the drive down, Tots Mom feverishly researched the best spots to visit in this Wine Wonderland. Mind you, we had Tot #3 with us! JosephJane Winery was at the top of the list and for good reason. Their website claimed to be "one of the happiest place on earth" so naturally, the Tots Crew had to check it out for ourselves!

JosephJane Winery is owned by an awesome husband and wife duo who purchased the land in 2016 and built the winery from the ground up. It is such a sweet, comfortable winery with an onsite tasting room and outdoor patio. It is both family-friendly and dog-friendly! We had the pleasure of meeting Leon Glaser, co-owner, winemaker, and #girldad, when we visited. Leon was working hard when we arrived, manning the wood-fired pizza oven while staying hydrated with an ice-cold Coors Light in hand. Right away, we knew we would get along just fine.

While complimenting Leon on his pizza-making skills (trust us - the pizza is delish!) Tots Dad learned more about the property and all the great local vineyards where JosephJane sources grapes from (one of which is our favorite, Delfino Vineyards, where the Tots Crew happened to be staying on this trip.) Just looking at their tasting menu, you can tell that Leon has some fun in his wine-making approach. They offer two different flight options (for the insanely reasonable price of $5.00 and waived with a one bottle purchase.) Both flights boast some great variety with wines that are very approachable and thirst-quenching on a warm summer day. Local beer and hard cider were also on tap. But don't worry, if you're still parched, they have four varieties of Wine Slushies available. We had the Sangria and Rosé Margarita varieties and they most certainly did not disappoint!

We easily could have spent all day relaxing on the outdoor patio at JosephJane. The winery hosts live music during the summer and there's lawn games and ample green space to keep your tots entertained. There is a ton of different seating options with lots of shade and some of the nicest people ever. We met Leon's dad, David, who was a total hoot and spent his time visiting with all the guests. He had some really solid #dadjokes that had us cracking up! He's such a sweet man and a very proud papa! Everyone that was visiting the winery that day was also exceptionally kind. Maybe it was because we had Tot #3 with us (who was celebrating her three-week birthday and is pretty darn cute) that caused everyone we encountered to take extra time to say hello and visit with us. But our feeling is that this is just a genuinely wonderful place that attracts the same caliber of genuinely wonderful people. What awesome energy and ambiance!

We loved how tot-friendly it was at JosephJane and yet, how fun it was for adults, too! The winery provides free sidewalk chalk for the kiddos to keep themselves entertained during their visit. The wood-fired pizzas were really tasty and large for the price of $12.00 (only $10.00 for just cheese!) One of the regulars, Frank, shared some of the Cheese Board that he purchased with us and had us try the Face Rock Creamery cheese with the pepper That was some delicious cheese! They also have a nice array of non-alcoholic drinks, including kids juice boxes. With their great line-up of local music, there was truly something for everybody here.

Pro-tip: Try the Lavender Essence wine. Not only is it just the prettiest color but it is probably one of the most unique wines that Tots Mom and Tots Dad have ever tried. We had to bring a couple bottles home with us! Thank you, JosephJane Winery, for the amazing hospitality! We will most definitely be back.

What to expect when you visit:

  • Awesome shaded outdoor patio that is very welcoming for families

  • Great pizza for a great price!

  • Yummy, unique wines and non-alcoholic drink options for the tots

  • Live music with an awesome ambiance

  • High chairs for the kiddos

  • Changing table in the bathroom WITH diapers and wipes!

  • Lawn games and green space; free sidewalk chalk for the kids

  • Their outdoor area is dog-friendly. WOOF!

  • No outside food please

More Info:

Open Friday - Sunday 11am - 6pm

Closed Monday - Thursday

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