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Tasting with Tots helps parents make wine-, beer-, and cider-tasting fun & low-stress... all with their kids in tow!

Putting in the "hard work" so you don't have to

Tasting with Tots helps families plan visits to wineries, breweries, cideries, and tap houses that are certified "tot-friendly."  We visit these fine establishments and give you a full report of what to expect in our Tots Blog. We get it - venturing outside the home with kids can be overwhelming! There's nothing worse than going to the trouble of planning an outing, packing up the kids (and ALL their stuff), and heading out to a new spot only to find out that kids aren't allowed or the amenities you were hoping for simply aren't there. Tasting with Tots takes out the guesswork to ensure that everyone in your crew will enjoy their day and you parents can enjoy an adult beverage in ease.

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