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Ski Inn Taphouse Hotel

The sweetest lil' Taphouse in Sisters, OR is the the ultimate tot-friendly hang out for all your sports watching needs.

Visit the Ski Inn Taphouse Hotel for the best vibes, insane food, and plenty of tot-friendly amenities

Well, hello all you beautiful people. As I write this long overdue post, I will be honest that on this family vacation, I wasn't expecting to stumble upon any truly "tot-approved" locations to add to our growing list. But isn't that always how the world works? Amazing things happen when we least expect them. Enter Ski Inn Taphouse Hotel. We had the best time watching the Oregon Ducks season opener...and that's saying a lot because the Ducks sadly got decimated by the Georgia Bulldogs and yet, the Tots Crew was still able to enjoy a lovely afternoon and this more-than-lovely taphouse!

If any of you have visited Sisters, OR, then you already know that it is the cutest community in the entire world. The whole town is Western themed (but not in a hokey way) with streets lined with adorable shops; coffee, candy, and ice cream destinations; and, amazing selection of yummy restaurants. So, if you haven't ever visited, do yourselves a favor and get on down there ASAP. And when you do, make sure that the Ski Inn Taphouse Hotel is high on your "must visit" list.

The original Ski Inn was a diner and a Sisters mainstay for nearly 50 years. It was unfortunately destroyed when a massive ponderosa pine toppled over during a windstorm in December 2013. Jim and Kristy Yozamp, Sisters residents and just generally awesome people, purchased the site with the intention of carrying on the Ski Inn legacy in a new, revamped image. The historic Ski Inn sign was salvaged and given new life, and the mop closet door at the Taphouse was the walk-in door from the original location. How cool is that??

First of all, the space is gorgeous. As an Interior Design major in college, I was nerding out more than I care to admit when taking in the lighting, finishes, rustic saloon-y vibe, and the seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Huge kudos to the design and construction team! The space features roll-up doors along the perimeter allowing patrons to enjoy the game and the outdoors, all while taking in the energy of Sister's bustling main street.

The Ski Inn Taphouse is a haven for sports fans! They have eight big screen TVs inside, with one large screen outside serving those seated on the patio or the lawn (more about this awesome space in a moment.) So if you're on the hunt for a place to watch "the" game, or any game really, then this is the place for you!

Not only is the Ski Inn a taphouse, it's also a boutique hotel. The upstairs boasts a stunning wrap-around patio with spectacular views (for guest use only) and the rooms are beautifully appointed and even dog-friendly! We can't wait to stay here when we come back for a visit. And the best part? Hotel guests get a discount at the taphouse! Why would you even need to leave - this place has everything!

Our Tots had a great time here. The tables are large so there was plenty of room for us to spread out a bit for some coloring and other tabletop activities. They have both high-top tables as well as picnic tables. Additionally, their outdoor seating is super fun and you can view the big screen TVs from pretty much any seat in the house. There's a great grassy lawn too in case your kiddos need some sunshine or prefer some blanket space on which to hang out. Because we visited during a Duck game, the interior was loud (in a good way) so if our littlest Tot needed to express her frustration vocally with the lack of offense shown by our boys in green (I think everyone in the place felt the same way), it went unnoticed and didn't bother tables next to us. Even on a normal day, the vibe here is so friendly and there are kiddos all over the place so a bit of extra kiddo energy wouldn't be frowned upon. It's a family establishment after all which was so apparent to us the second we walked in. So welcoming and so comfortable.

Are you still with me? I sure hope so because I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE FOOD. I don't know if I have shared this before but Tots Mom (me) is a bona fide mac and cheese expert and aficionado. If there was a certificate in mac and cheese appreciation, I swear I would have one. So when I tell you the mac and cheese and Ski Inn was one of the best that I have had in my lifetime, I hope you understand the sheer gravity of that statement. I'm still thinking about it weeks later. And, the portions were very generous as I was able to share it with all three Tots and still have plenty to fill my own belly.

Other food experienced by our crew was equally as wonderful. Tots Grandma had a Swiss cheese burger with onion rings. Tots Dad and Tots Grandpa shared some nachos that were HUGE and fantastic. Every other plate that we saw coming from the kitchen looked magnificent, too.

To accompany your food, the Ski Inn has a plethora of beverage choices. Like, almost too many choices! The men in our party imbibed on a great selection of brewskis. I started with the AVID Dragonfruit cider (so yum) and then one of the endlessly kind servers just so happened to strategically walk by us with a gorgeous looking, melon-colored drink in her hand. Tots Dad stopped her to ask what it was and we all then switched to having blood orange margaritas...literally to die for. Their other specialty cocktails all sounded incredible too, so it would be only right to visit again and again to try them all. Of course, they have a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks too so everyone in our party had their needs thoroughly met.

It can be hard to find a place that has great ambiance, great food, great drinks, and welcomes our munchkins with open arms. But let me tell you, such a place does exist...and it's this place.

Sweet Kristy, one of the Ski Inn's owners, was so kind as to take some fun family shots of the Tots Crew. I am 100% not okay with how big my babies are getting!

The below images are borrowed from the Ski Inn Taphouse Hotel's website as we were far more focused on the interior and tot-friendly amenities of the space. But as you can see, it's a stunning property - both inside and out!

I will conclude my ramblings with a fun video to show you just how electric the vibes are during Ducks games at the Ski Inn. As I mentioned before, game outcome aside, it is such a fun place to sit back, relax with a cold one, and cheer on your favorite sports team!

Next time you're in the area, be sure to pay them a visit! I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I know for a fact that the Tots Crew will return for a visit just as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for the hospitality, Ski Inn Taphouse Hotel!

What to expect when you visit:

  • Extremely nice staff (I think that needs to be ultra-celebrated nowadays)

  • Indoor and outdoor seating options...there's even a big screen TV for outside viewing!

  • Awesome, open aired environment

  • GREAT food menu with a variety of kid's options, too!

  • Beer, wine, cider, and delicious cocktail options (I recommend the blood orange margarita...yummmm)

  • Their outdoor area is dog-friendly. WOOF!

  • High-top and low-top seating options depending on your preference. Also, fun lawn chairs for use on the grassy area.

  • High chairs and changing table (ladies restroom only)

More Info:

Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm, Sunday 11am - 3pm

Address: 310 E Cascade Ave Sisters, OR 97759

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