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Shades of Brew - The Brewery

SOB's second location, The Brewery, is slinging some amazing brews and there's always something fun happening here!

Our favorite local taphouse's second location is FINALLY kid-friendly and we are so stoked!

We had been waiting for this day for a long time so let me set the scene. When the Tots Crew heard that Shades of Brew (SOB) Taphouse was taking over operations at Bine Valley Brewing here in Salem, OR, we were so excited. In our humble but semi-professional opinion, Bine was brewing the very best beers in town and to know that Head Brewer Donny Raisanen was remaining with the project made us even more giddy. But, there was one major problem...Bine had always been a 21+ establishment. Although Tots Mom and Tots Dad visited as much as we could, it was always a challenge because we have this gaggle of children that always seem to be around. Funny how that happens - I'm sure other parents can certainly relate. :)

Anyhoo, our very first question to SOB owner and one of our all-around-favorite-dudes-ever, Mr. Chade Cruse, was "Okay great, but when could the Tots Crew come check out the new Brewery?!" He noted that it would be a while before their liquor license would kick-in over at the new location but that it was absolutely going to be a family-friendly spot. Great news indeed. We waited, and asked for an update every single time we visited Shades of Brew Taphouse, the original location and our most frequent watering hole.

Finally, we got wind that April 1 was the day that SOB Brewery would become kid-friendly. Was this an April Fools' joke? Thank goodness, it was not!

Tots Mom, Tots Dad, Tots Grandma, and all three Tots popped into the SOB Brewery on a lovely Spring day to check out all that had done around the place. A true labor of love and so much more open and inviting now! The vibe is super casual with plenty of space to spread out. There's a few nice tables out front on days when the rain has decided to stay away. The Brewery has all of SOB's house-brewed beers along with a couple of local guest taps. They have the same pizza oven at this location as they do at the Taphouse so when hunger strikes, pizzas can be cooked in a record six minutes.

Since re-opening, SOB Brewery has had an insane amount of live music, comedy, bingo, trivia, and other super fun events going on. And it's all family-friendly. Be sure to keep up to date on all things going on by following them on social media. For their grand re-opening party, The Boondock Boys, a.k.a. the Tots Crew's favorite band, were there playing and the energy was electric. Our kiddos danced the evening away while we enjoyed the delicious food served by Miller's BBQ. If you haven't tried their grub yet, do it and do it now. Their smoked brisket is insane!

In summary, if you're looking for a nice, chill spot to watch the game, listen to some music, or just hang out with the fam, Shades of Brew - The Brewery is your spot. The people are great, the beer is cold, and it's just an easy place to gather.

We think it's also really important to mention that the owners and their families are just astounding folks all-around. Super community-centric, giving, and just plain lovely. If that's important to you, as it is to us, then make sure to get on down and support SOB now and often. Oh, and don't forget to join their Mug Club! Tell 'em Tasting with Tots sent you. :) You get a great deal on each beer that you order and get to drink out of a way cool mug.

Thank you, Shades of Brew - The Brewery for giving us another great spot in Salem to visit with our crew. Keep the good times and good vibes rolling. We can't wait to visit again, you know it won't be long!

(Total side note but for those of you who have been following us since the beginning, LOOK HOW BIG OUR GIRLS ARE NOW! Not okay at all. But they are so stinkin' fun.)

What to expect when you visit:

  • Located right in the heart of "Brewery Row" in SE Salem

  • Awesome people and great vibes

  • Killer line-up of live music, comedy, bingo, and trivia!

  • Non-alcoholic drink options

  • Indoor and outdoor seating options

  • Board game corner for kids (and kids at heart)

  • Yummy made-to-order pizzas and snacks. Be sure to follow them on IG for their special event and food truck schedule.

  • Highchairs but no changing tables (yet!!) so plan accordingly

More Info:

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 12 pm - 9 pm

Address: 2027 25th St S. Salem, OR 97302

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