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Two Shy Brewing

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

An industrial vibe brewery in Roseburg, OR with excellent live music, stellar beer, and revolving food trucks slinging deliciousness.

This is definitely your place...but only if you like fun!

Our love affair with Roseburg, OR continues as the Tots Crew hits up Two Shy Brewing for some live music and food truck yumminess. We only had Tot #3 with us on this trip but we could totally tell that she, too, thoroughly enjoyed her time at Two Shy. She was just three weeks old at the time but was already very in-tune with her likes and dislikes, and she sure as heck makes them known!

Two Shy Brewing is located in a bit of an obscure part of town on a dead end street. The brewery itself has a very cool industrial vibe to it as well. We always love a brewery where you can have an upfront view into the inner workings of the beer-making process. You can see the tanks and the production facility through the glass windows at the back of the tap house.

There's a pretty cool story to where the name Two Shy came from - allow me to paraphrase. Back before Two Shy Brewing was officially a thing, owner Lyle and his pal Paul were homebrewers. While brewing, they always hoped that their small 5 gallon batches would amount to two full cases of 22 oz bottles. However, they always ended up being "two [bottles] shy" from achieving this goal. But that's not the end of this tale. Years later, when two members of the brewing crew left to pursue other life endeavors, the name resurfaced as those that continued to brew felt that they were simply "Two Shy" of their original brew crew. What a cool ode to the history of how this tremendous space came to be!

Two Shy prides themselves on being a very family-friendly brewery. We definitely felt that vibe during our visit! The ambiance at Two Shy is very comfortable and laid-back. They have an amazing covered patio out front with a wide variety of seating options, as well as outdoor seating along the side of the building, and plenty of seating inside. They also have a decent amount of green space. And because Two Shy doesn't have their own kitchen, the entire space is also dog-friendly!

Let's talk about the beer, you guys. IT IS SO GOOD. And Two Shy's variety is fantastic! They operate with the motto of "beer for people who enjoy beer" and that it doesn't have to be complicated. We couldn't agree more! We had a hard to choosing which brews to try here at Two Shy but in the end, we had the Everything is Awesome Pale, Worth the Wait Hazy, Reformation Red, and Umpqua Trail Fresh Hop IPA. All of them were phenomenal. They also carry local hard cider and wine for those that aren't in a beer-drinking mood.

During our visit, Burgers and Q food truck was onsite and we got the treat of listening to Erik Schnautz's music. The music was fabulous and the food was sensational. We shared the tri-tip grilled cheese and the fried cheese curds. The sandwich was to die for and the curds were also pretty damn great. Portions are very generous!

In terms of tot-friendly amenities, Two Shy has this awesome chalk wall for all the doodling that your tots can fathom, Pac Man arcade game, coin-operated candy machine, sweet little tot-sized picnic table for coloring, and green space to play outside.

The Tots crew is already planning our next visit back to Roseburg and the Umpqua Valley and you best believe that Two Shy Brewing will be on our list for a repeat visit. Cheers, all!

What to expect when you visit:

  • Wide variety of indoor and outdoor seating; their covered patio is particularly awesome especially if there's live music during your visit

  • Giant chalk wall for your tots to decorate and doodle on

  • Green space for frolicking (supervised, of course!)

  • Bring table top activities for the kiddos

  • Both their indoor AND outdoor area is dog-friendly. WOOF!

  • High chairs for the kiddos

  • *UPDATE* Changing table now located in the men's restroom (it's single use so any gender may use it but...why not just let the dudes handle the diapers during your visit *wink wink*)

More Info:

Open Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm, Friday 11am - 9pm, Saturday 2pm - 9pm

Closed Sunday

Address: 1308 NW Park St ste.100 Roseburg, OR 97470

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