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Ice Harbor Brewing Company

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Nestled on Clover Island in Kennewick, Washington, this sweet little pub is super tot-friendly and was a great pit stop on our drive from Keizer, Oregon to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Brews by the Marina? The Tots think "Yes"!

The drive from Keizer, OR to Coeur d'Alene, ID is pretty long, especially with two tots in tow. Tri-Cities, Washington is our natural stopping spot for lunch along the way and we usually hit up the Golden Arches because our youngest is obsessed with "hot fries." Well, sorry little one, that's a thing of the past because Ice Harbor Brewing is where it's at. We will be making the drive again in November for Thanksgiving and you best believe that we will be checking out their original location in historic downtown Kennewick. We chose the marina location this time because, let's face it, kids think boats are cool. Who doesn't? If you're looking for a tot-friendly location complete with a great patio, nice people, solid menu, and super yummy brews (or yum yum flavored lemonade), then this is the spot for you!

Ice Harbor Brewing is decently-sized and has a wide array of seating options (high top, low top, indoor, and outdoor) to appeal to all preferences. The staff are super sweet and attentive. We had a fun server named Topher and he was quick to suggest their wide variety of fresh fruit flavored lemonades when we were deciding what to get the Tots to drink. Tots Mom even had one, while watching enviously as Tots Dad had Ice Harbor's Dust Cloud IPA and Tangerine Express Hefe. The brews and the lemonades did the job of quenching our thirst on what was a 105 degree day. They also have a full bar if that's more your speed.

Tots Dad took the Tots down to the marina for a walk on the dock and it was just beautiful. There are some fun spots to venture out to while waiting for your food or if you have an unruly tot who just needs to do a bit of exploring (supervised, of course.)

The food was really, really good and came in very large portions. The Tots shared the kids mac and cheese (which came with "hot fries" so our two year-old was happy once again) and the grown-ups has the chicken pesto flatbread and club sandwich which were both loaded with yumminess and served in huge portions, which provided us with some great left-overs later.

In terms of tots-friendly amenities, Ice Harbor had highchairs galore and a changing station in the women's restroom (but not in the men's, so those of you out on your Dad & Tot Night-Out Adventures just need to prepare a backup plan.) Maybe its been a minute since we have been to a restaurant or maybe we are just not as observant as we thought but we were very impressed with the triangular crayons that don't roll off the table that Ice Harbor provided with the kids menus (hello, genius idea!) We think we will buy these in bulk!

What to expect when you visit:

  • Great food and beverage menu for grown-ups and tots alike (portions are BIG so sharing is encouraged.) #PROtip - The truffle fries are divine and their fry sauce was soooooooo good

  • Very nice staff and wide variety of seating options

  • Lots of really shiny boats and super big boats (yachts, maybe?) to check out with the tots

  • Highchairs and baby changing station (women's restroom)

  • Indoor seating & outdoor seating with shade and lovely hanging baskets

  • Close freeway access if you are making a pit stop before continuing on to your final destination

More Info:

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm

Address: 350 Clover Island Drive Kennewick, WA 99336

P.S. They have two locations - Ice Harbor Brewery & Pub is located at 206 N Benton St.

in Kennewick, just a few blocks from their marina location.

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